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Air Force SS Talon with Spin-Loc : This exciting rifle design combines the use of aircraft grade aluminum with space age polymers to produce a high performance rifle unlike any other in existence. The Talon derives its power from highly compressed air which is stored in a refillable DOT-certified tank which is fitted into the rifle butt. The tank can be inexpensively filled from a standard scuba tank or from a high pressure hand pump. With infinitely adjustable power levels, the .177 caliber Talon can reach velocities up to 1000 FPS for awesome potential. Its impressive list of features includes a Lothar Walther premium rifled barrel...TruGlo fully adjustable fiber optic sights...an ergonomically designed fire control system... automatic safety... adjustable two-stage trigger... oversized cocking knob... and a large pellet port. The Talon is capable of accepting a whole host of add-on accessories including scopes, lights, lasers, bipods, night vision equipment, and many other accessory and sighting devices. The Talon is a genuine, one-of-a-kind original - an innovative design that's sure to set the pace for other airguns in the twenty-first century. Length: Overall - 32.6"; Gun Body - 22.5"; Tank - 14.5"; Barrel - 12", Weight: Overall - 5.5 lbs; Tank - 2.5 lbs.

Airforce Talon Sound Suppressed Gun Only with Spin-Loc .22cal $574.95 with
Free Shipping






Airforce Talon CO2, CO2 adapter, filled 12-oz. CO2 tank .177 700 ft/sec $509.95 with free shipping

Airforce Talon CO2, CO2 adapter, filled 12-oz. CO2 tank .20 600 ft/sec $509.95 with free shipping

Airforce Talon CO2, CO2 adapter, filled 12-oz. CO2 tank .22 610 ft/sec $509.95 with free shipping

Airforce Talon CO2, CO2 adapter, filled 20-oz. CO2 tank .177 700 ft/sec $514.95 with free shipping

Airforce Talon CO2, CO2 adapter, filled 20-oz. CO2 tank .20 600 ft/sec $514.95 with free shipping

Airforce Talon CO2, CO2 adapter, filled 20-oz. CO2 tank .22 610 ft/sec $514.95 with free shipping

orce guns!

AirForce 3-stage PCP Hand Pump. Pumps up to 3600 psi . AirForce 3-stage PCP Hand Pump, for AirForce Rifles, Pumps up to 3600 psi 1-year limited warranty. Fits AirForce Condor, Talon & Talon SS rifles. 1. Does not heat up with constant use 2. Requires less effort than other pumps 3. Goes up to 3,600 psi 4. Integral air pressure gauge 5. Moisture filter 6. Incl. AirForce tank adapter 7. AirForce 3-stage PCP Hand Pump, for AirForce Rifles, Pumps up to 3600 psi.
$201.95 with free shipping.



The Hill Pump is a top quality air rifle pump manufactured to ISO 9002 standards using the latest technology. Each pump is rigorously tested and backed by a twelve month warranty. Hill Pumps have been pump manufacturers since 1841. The Hill Pump comes standard with a 3300-psi (230 Bar) Gauge , precision-machined pressure chamber with Brass Fittings , heavy-duty connector Hose , Universal Adapter and a replaceable Micron Filter . The Micron Filter is a unique replaceable filter system that prevents contamination of your air rifle or pistol. The standard pump hose and connector works with FX, Falcon, Daystate and Air Arms rifles. The heavy duty construction and built-in replaceable filter is what sets the Hill pump apart. The Hill Pump with Dry Pac
The latest Patented design Hill Air Rifle Pump and Dry Air Flow System.
Approved by most leading Air Gun Manufacturers.
Dry Pac removes 90% of moisture
ISO 9001 Quality Assured
3300 psi (230 bar)
Unique Safety Bleed Valve
Rigorous Scientific Testing
Patented Pump and Dry Air Flow System
Pumps are 100% Tested
DRY-PAC Patented Dry Air Flow System

Concerned about moisture damaging your air weapon?... Not any more!

The Hill DRY-PAC moisture removal system is another new ground
breaking innovation from the manufacturers of the highly successful 2128
Series Air Compressor Pump. The Hill Dry-Pac System answers popular
concerns about moisture and hand pumps.

Unique to the market, the Hill Dry-Pac System is a patented method of
actively removing moisture utilizing a specially formulated sintered filters.
The Hill Dry-Pac has undergone lengthy and rigorous scientific testing under
laboratory conditions and will effectively remove up to 90% of the moisture
content prior to charging your PCP.




BSA Pump with Dry-Pac Moisture Filter-Includes:

BSA Pump-Hose-BSA Fitting-Dry-Pac Filter-One Pack Filler for Dry Pac-Instructions





Scuba Tank Adapter, Gauge & Hose $129.00




* FREE Visual Inspection Program (VIP) Included!
* Nitrox Ready up to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
* Includes Pro Valve-Standard Yoke and DIN Compatible
* 3000 PSI
* Proprietary 6061-T6 alloy, a balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend exclusive to Luxfer.
* 7.25 Inches in Diameter
* 26.1 Inches in Length
* Weight Empty = 31.7lbs
* Buoyancy Full = -1.9lbs
* Buoyancy Empty = 4lbs
* "Real Weight" = 35.7lbs




Carbon Fiber Air Tank Large Tank-
Displacement: 88 cu. ft. Dry Weight: 11.3 lbs. Working Pressure: 4500 psi.
Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum bladder . Hose has an inline gauge quick-cisconnect adapter with 1/8" BSPP male threads on one end.
Large Tank Set includes:
1-DIN Adaptor
1-1/8 mBSP X 1/8mBSP
1-Seal Washer
1-Micro bore hose
1-Valve with built in bleed body and gauge?
(eliminating the use of a yoke)





Gun Guard - Double Size Rifle Case
Accommodates two rifles with 50mm scopes with plenty of room for accessories. Gun Guards are foam lined and impact resistant for your rifles protection, and feature four latch points and two padlock holes for added security. Case Dimensions:14-3/4" x 3-3/4" x 51-1/2" inner dim. 16" x 4" x 52-1/4" outer dim. Gun Guard - Single Rifle Case Will accommodate rifles with standard or high-mount scopes. 11-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 52-1/2" outter dim. 8 1/4" x 3" x 52" inner dim.


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