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Alpine New Frontier Bow lightweight and reliable machined handle bow is fitted with machined aluminum components. There are no cut rate plastic cams or pockets to be found on this little performer. The Frontier sports an Alpine Advantage One Cam that features an adjustable draw length and is finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up with accented brown hardware. The price point, sharp look, comfortable feel, and precision craftsmanship have made the Alpine Frontier a desirable hunting partner. Each Alpine Frontier is set up at the factory with Alpine’s own dampening accessories, making the Alpine Frontier as silent as a sniper. Alpine New Frontier Bow Package inlcudes Tru Glo Sight, Whiperfire Fall Away Arrow Rest, Bear Claw 5 Arrow Quiver, 5" Pro Flex Stabilizer, String Thing & Limb Tamers.

* Mass weight: 3.5 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 35 inches.
* Brace height: 7.25 inches.
* Draw weights: 50, 60, 70 pounds.
* Cam: Advantage One Cam.
* Draw lengths: 26” through 30”
* IBO speed: 300 fps.
* Limbs: Bi-Flex composite limb, film dipped finish in
Mossy Oak Break-Up.
* Cable Guard Straight mounted carbon.
* Sight window 5.5” single plane window.
* Pocket: Pivoting Limb Mounting System.
* Riser Color: Mossy Oak Break-Up.
* Grip: Two piece ABS panel grip.
* Let-off: 80% standard, optional 65%

FRNTP Alpine New Frontier Bow only $299.00


FRNT Alpine New Frontier Bow Package $399.00




Alpine Silverado Bow is based on the tried and true platform of the innovative modular riser design. Alpine Archery was the innovator and pioneer of the multipart riser concept that many bow manufacturers today have followed. This platform has been in the Alpine line for 2 solid years now and has proven itself to be very reliable. The Silverado is fitted from top to bottom with very effective vibration dampeners produced by Alpine. Each riser is meticulously assembled using heat treated dowel pins for precision alignment and added strength. Rust free, zinc plated fasteners are then loc-tited and torque set into place. This, coupled with the rock solid VX Limb Pocket Mounting System and parallel limb design, make this bow an absolute dream to shoot. When designing the Velocitec Cam for the Alpine Silverado, one of the most coveted bows in the archery industry, we had several design criteria that had to be met. First, it had to be fast… Second, it had to be smooth… The NEW Alpine Silverado is just that, both fast and smooth!!! Its unique design makes this bow very stable, fast, and extremely smooth to shoot.


Silverado Match Grade Package is a twin to the Silverado. When designing the Match Grade, we elected to machine a separate riser component to allow the integration of a fall away arrow rest and sight instead of just bolting them on in a conventional manner. This integrated design assures a custom fit that will not vibrate loose. The Match Grade option includes an Alpine Archery MR2 Stabilizer with Six Shooter Weight Technology and matching camo finish, the popular Alpine Whisperflite Fall Away Rest, and new for 2007, the Montana Black Gold Flashpoint Sight. This awesome sight allows you to see the fiber optic pins earlier and later than anyone else… Hunt harder, hunt longer, with the Alpine Archery Match Grade System. Silverado Match Grade Package includes Whiperflite Arrow rest, MR2 Stabilizer, Flashpoint Sight, Tundra VX Dampening Package

* Mass weight: 4.2 pounds.
* Axle to Axle: 32 inches.
* Brace height: 7.25 inches.
* Draw weights: 60, 70 pounds.
* Cam: New Velocitec Cam.
* Draw lengths: 27”, 28”, 29”, 30”
* IBO speed: 325 fps.
* Limbs: Bi-Flex composite limb, film dipped finish in
Realtree Hardwoods Green HD.
* Cable Guard Straight mounted carbon.
* Sight window 8.25” single plane window.
* Pocket: Inter-Loc Limb Mounting System.
* Riser Color: Realtree Hardwoods Green HD.
* Grip: One piece rose wood.
* Let-off: 80% standard, 65% optional

ASVC Alpine Silverado Bow only $579.00


ASMG Alpine Silverado Bow Match Grade Package $679.00






Carolina Archery Products Deluxe Whisker Biscuit QS


881-271-02 FOR ALUMINUM ARROWS LEFT $59.00

881-272-00 FOR CARBON ARROWS RIGHT $59.00

881-272-02 FOR CARBON ARROWS LEFT $59.00


HHA Optimizer-Lite Ultra DS-5500 Bow Sight



Spot-Hogg® Hunter Hogg-It Bow Sight $169.00


Spot-Hogg® Real Deal Bow Sight


Spot-Hogg® Seven Deadly Pins Bow Sights


Summit™ Hot Dot Fixed/Pendulum Premium Bow Sight




Wasp™ Boss SST™ 100 Broadheads
881-684-00 3 BLADE 100 GRAIN 6 pack $39.00



NAP® HellRazor™ Broadheads
886-867-25 125 GRAIN 3 PACK

886-867-00 100 GRAIN 3 PACK $39.00


G5 Tekan™ II Broadheads
885-000-00 100 GRAIN 1-5/16'' CUTTING DIA. 3 PACK


885-000-25 125 GRAIN 1-5/16'' CUTTING DIA. 3 PACK 39.00


G5® Striker™ Broadheads
884-853-00 STRIKER BROADHEADS 100 GRAIN 3 PACK $39.00


884-853-25 STRIKER BROADHEADS 125 GRAIN 3 PACK $39.00


Tight Point Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads


886-309-25 T-LOCK BROADHEADS 125 GRAIN 1-3/16" CUTTING DIA. 3-PACK $39.00



New Archery Products™ Spitfire® XP Pro Broadheads




Grim Reaper RazorCut Broadheads

885-009-00 1-3/8" CUTTING DIAMETER 100-125 GR 3 pack $39.00



NEW Rage™ 3-Blade Expandable Broadheads



Arrowdynamic Solutions Guillotine Broadheads

886-748-00 GUILLOTINE BROADHEADS 100 GRAIN 3 pack $39.00


886-748-25 GUILLOTINE BROADHEADS 125 GRAIN 3 pack $39.00



SKB Parallel Limb Bow Case
Designed to accomodate all parallel limb bows complete with quiver, sight, and stabilizer. Convoluted foam in lid holds cargo firmly in place while a padded divider with rigid core separates bows. Molded in bumper protection for impact resistance. Mil-spec spring-loaded end handle for easy towing and a cushioned rubber over-molded carrying handle for added comfort. Injection molded, lockable latches. 41'' x 19'' x 8''. Weight: approximately 20 lbs. Color: Black. SKB Parallel Limb Bow Case $219.00


SKB Single and Double Bow Cases
Fully padded interiors to protect bows up to 48" long, plus storage for up to 18 arrows. High-impact shell is molded from tough, durable polyethylene, and they'll withstand the toughest field conditions. Molded-in bumpers protect all exposed hardware, and ribs absorb shock and add rigidity. Aluminum valance with tongue-and-groove system combined with a neoprene O-ring gasket to seal out moisture. Center carpet divider not included. Features 4 heavy-duty zinc locking latches (includes 2 keys). Airline approved.

SKB Single Bow Case $189.00


SKB Double Bow Case $219.00


SKB Sports Freedom Double Bow Case
Unique case gives you hard shell case protection with EPS lid and base inserts for additional structural integrity and durability along with the unique Perfect Match Valance Bending System for a perfect seal. Injected molded latches for enhanced durability. Color: Black. Dimensions: 42-1/4'' x 18-1/2'' x 7-1/4''. Weight: 12.9 lbs. SKB Sports Freedom Double Bow Case $119.00





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Introducing Alpine’s no hassle balanced hybrid...
The Velocitec High Performance Cam...

Alpine Archery has raised the bar for 2007 with the introduction of the new Velocitec Cam System. Once again, Alpine is leading the way to revolutionizing the archery industry. The Velocitec Cam System will soon be referred to as the Cam of the Future.
The engineers at Alpine are known for their thinking “outside the box” and this year is no exception. The result is a very high performance and equally balanced hybrid 2 cam that sports dual payout grooves. The dual payout grooves on the Velocitec Cam primarily serve two main functions. They stabilize cam lean and keep both cams synchronized throughout the draw cycle. This hybrid feature drastically reduces timing issues associated with conventional 2 cam bows. Timing issues arise when one end of the buss cable is permanently anchored to a fixed position such as the axle. With the Velocitec Cam System, both buss cables stretch from the take up groove on one cam to the pay out groove on the opposing cam. The end result is both cams synchronized in perfect harmony, continually staying in time.


New mid-year introduction!

After the introduction of our Silverado with Velocitec Cam Technology, many of you asked about a longer version...

The Silverado Sabre is a 35 inch axle to axle bow offering the same draw length and speed as the original Silverado introduced in November. Shipment on the Silverado Sabre will start in April. The new Silverado Sabre is finished in Predator Brown Deception camo.

Bil Krenz, editor of Bowhunt America, said the new Silverados were the fastest bow tested this year.

The Sabres are now shipping!