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Logun S-16: Easy take-down design. The bottle-stock and barrel shroud detach easily for compact carrying. Rubberized grips and stock, including bottle cover with integral butt pad and sling swivel fixing, all easy to maintain. Free floating Lothar Walther barrel with sound suppressed shroud {legal in all U.S. states}. 2 stage adjustable trigger. Push button safety catch. Unique 16-shot bottom feed mag. The versatility of the Logun S-16 is further enhanced by an integral scope rail which has been designed to accommodate scopes with objective lenses up to 50mm in size. The forend grip has two special features, the first being a built-in swing swivel mounting point, which makes attaching of a Logun bipod a formality. The second feature is an aperture in the forend that is designed to house a laser. Also integral to the design is a cross bar safety and integral pressure gauge. The internal components are all stainless steel for extra strength and the magazine is manufactured to exacting specifications. The Logun S-16 is built with all the care and attention that is lavished upon the more traditional looking rifles, but still remains true to the Logun Standard and as such carries your choice of a one year or a limited lifetime warranty.

16 shot rotary magazine (twin 8 shot)
Bull barrel -
Sound Suppressed Shroud
400cc buddy bottle air supply
Integral pressure gauge
Stainless steel Supa-Speed bolt action
Stainless steel cross-over safety catch
Length: 38 inches
Weight: 8.25 lbs with dual shroud and bottle
Barrel: 14.5 inches
$929.00 Out of stock




Logun S-16 Package:

Includes Logun S-16 Rifle, 4-16x50mm Illuminated Air Gun Scope , Scope rings, Scope Covers, Hand Pump, Beeman Kodiak Pellets (recommended) & Durable protection for the Logun S-16. Soft case by Logun. $1299.00 Out of stock



Logun S-16 Package:

Includes Logun S-16 Rifle, 4-16x50mm Illuminated Air Gun Scope , Scope rings, Scope Covers, Scuba Tank Adapter, Beeman Kodiak Pellets (recommended) & Durable protection for the Logun S-16. Soft case by Logun. $1199.00 Out of stock



Logun Bipod & mount $69.00

Out of stock



Logun Laser attachment $29.00

Out of stock



Logun S-16s rifle with CO2 adapter

using CO2 instead of high-pressure air provides about 1,300 shots from a 20-oz. tank. You can always convert to high-pressure air by removing the CO2 adapter and screwing on the S-16s air tank .

Logun's S-16s repeater may is the ultimate take down hunting rifle! The buttstock is either a 12-oz. or 20-oz. CO tank that quickly unscrews for filling. On the other end, the shroud that covers the Lothar Walther barrel makes the powerful report hardly noticeable.

The two-stage, fully adjustable trigger lets you regulate letoff and overtravel. The front of the forearm has a special receptacle that accepts a laser sight (not included).

Fill the rifle with CO2, and buy additional removable tanks so you can shoot as much as you want! CO2 tanks are quickly and cheaply filled at paintball stores. If you decide you'd like to use high-pressure air, get an air tank and quickly switch between CO2 and air! The S-16s has a 16-shot clip (8 shots on one end, 8 shots on the other). Cocking is fast and easy with the Supa Speed cocking bolt. Pop off a full clip in less than 15 seconds.

Logun S-16s rifle with CO2 adapter and 12-oz. CO2 tank. .22 cal 656 ft/sec $799.00 Out of stock

Logun S-16s rifle with CO2 adapter and 20-oz. CO2 tank. .22 cal 656 ft/sec $799.00 Out of stock






Night Vision Weapon Sights

Yukon NVRS Tactical Internal Focus 2.5x50 uses enhanced optics, a durable, titanium body and sleek design to separate itself from any other night vision riflescope. The NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 has internal focusing ability and an ergonomic design to allow for more comfort during shooting. It is also equipped with a powerful 50mm lens to provide higher resolution and light gathering capabilities, and flip-up lens covers open to reveal quality multicoated optics and an illuminated reticle.A built-in, powerful Pulse infrared illuminator is easily activated to enhance image brightness and increase range in total darkness; a precision windage and elevation adjustment and remote are additional features. The NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 is also digital camera adaptable with the digital camera accessory; other accessories include a laser pointer, AK adapter, IR flashlight and doubler lens, which are all sold separately. The NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 is backed by Yukon's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Adapted here for airgun use.

Magnification: 2.5x
Lens diameter: 50mm
Field of view: 15 degrees
Resolution, typical(lp/mm): 32-36
Focus range(yd): 1 to infinity
Eye relief: 45mm
Diopter adjustment: +4,-4
Detection range(yd): up to 230
Recognition range(yd): up to 120
IR illuminator effective distance(yd): up to 100
Reticle type: illuminated red-green duplex
Reticle windage/elevation adjustment: 1/2 MOA per click
Power supply; battery type feed voltage: (2) AA
Estimated power life, w/out IR: up to 50 hours
Operating temperature: -22 to +122 (f)
Dimensions: 10.0" x 3.1" x 3.3"
Weight: 33.5 oz
Weaver to 11mm airgun scope mount adapter

Yukon NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 Night Vision Rifle Scope with free shipping $699.00



The ATN Night Arrow 2 - 2 from ATN is a rugged Night Vision Weapon Sight that provides excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities for the demanding sports shooter or varmint hunter.The ATN Night Arrow 2 - 2 Night Vision Riflescope is available in a variety of Image Intensifier Tube configurations to fit into a wide array of budgets. The best optics, tubes and performance make the ATN Night Arrow 2 - 2 one of the best commercial Night Vision Weapon Sights! Weaver to 11mm airgun scope mount adapter. Adapted here for airgun use.


* Light and compact design
* Top-notch performance
* All external surfaces are a non-reflective matte black finish (except for the optical elements)
* “RED ON GREEN” reticle system with 1/2 MOA adjustment
* One-knob operation
* Automatic brightness control(ABC) for tube protection
* Illuminated center red reticle for optimal contrast against a dark or light target
* Mounts to standard weaver rails
* Night Arrow is designed to use 1 AA type battery
* Water and fog resistant
* Limited Two-Year Warranty

Total Darkness IR System
IIT Generation 2+
Resolution 40-45 lp/mm
Magnification 2x
Lens System
Proshield Lens Coating
FOV 17°
Exit Pupil 11
Eye Relief 46
Range of Focus 10 m to infinity
Diopter Adjustment -4 to +6
Controls Direct
Remote Control No
Automatic Brightness Control
Bright Light Cut-off
Infrared Illuminator Detachable IR450
IR Indicator
Low Battery Indicator
Power Supply 1 x 1.5 V AA type battery
Battery Life 30 hrs
Reticle System Red on Green
Windage & Elewation Adjustment 1/2 MOA
Environmental Rating Water and fog resistant
Operating Temperature -40 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -50 to +70 °C
Dimensions 225x103x93 mm
Weight 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs
Warranty 2 years
Soft carrying Case

ATN Night Arrow 2 - 2 Night Vision Weapon Sight with free shipping $1299.00


Logun Hand Pump: A convenient, portable, and affordable way to charge your Logun, FX, or any precharged pneumatic rifle. The pump comes with a pressure gauge, hose or DIN fitting, moisture trap, particulate filter with relaceable element, and bleed valve. Dependability and minimal user effort make this unit the best pump available. $299.00



The Hill Pump is a top quality air rifle pump manufactured to ISO 9002 standards using the latest technology. Each pump is rigorously tested and backed by a twelve month warranty. Hill Pumps have been pump manufacturers since 1841. The Hill Pump comes standard with a 3300-psi (230 Bar) Gauge , precision-machined pressure chamber with Brass Fittings , heavy-duty connector Hose , Universal Adapter and a replaceable Micron Filter . The Micron Filter is a unique replaceable filter system that prevents contamination of your air rifle or pistol. The standard pump hose and connector works with FX, Falcon, Daystate and Air Arms rifles. The heavy duty construction and built-in replaceable filter is what sets the Hill pump apart. The Hill Pump with Dry Pac
The latest Patented design Hill Air Rifle Pump and Dry Air Flow System.
Approved by most leading Air Gun Manufacturers.
Dry Pac removes 90% of moisture
ISO 9001 Quality Assured
3300 psi (230 bar)
Unique Safety Bleed Valve
Rigorous Scientific Testing
Patented Pump and Dry Air Flow System
Pumps are 100% Tested
DRY-PAC Patented Dry Air Flow System

Concerned about moisture damaging your air weapon?... Not any more!

The Hill DRY-PAC moisture removal system is another new ground
breaking innovation from the manufacturers of the highly successful 2128
Series Air Compressor Pump. The Hill Dry-Pac System answers popular
concerns about moisture and hand pumps.

Unique to the market, the Hill Dry-Pac System is a patented method of
actively removing moisture utilizing a specially formulated sintered filters.
The Hill Dry-Pac has undergone lengthy and rigorous scientific testing under
laboratory conditions and will effectively remove up to 90% of the moisture
content prior to charging your PCP.








Scuba Tank Adapter, Gauge & Hose $129.00




* FREE Visual Inspection Program (VIP) Included!
* Nitrox Ready up to 40% (the recreational limits of nitrox)
* Includes Pro Valve-Standard Yoke and DIN Compatible
* 3000 PSI
* Proprietary 6061-T6 alloy, a balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend exclusive to Luxfer.
* 7.25 Inches in Diameter
* 26.1 Inches in Length
* Weight Empty = 31.7lbs
* Buoyancy Full = -1.9lbs
* Buoyancy Empty = 4lbs
* "Real Weight" = 35.7lbs




Carbon Fiber Air Tank Large Tank-
Displacement: 88 cu. ft. Dry Weight: 11.3 lbs. Working Pressure: 4500psiq.
Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum bladder Large Tank Set includes:
1-DIN Adaptor
1-1/8 mBSP X 1/8mBSP
1-Seal Washer
1-Micro bore hose
1-Valve with built in bleed body and gauge?
(eliminating the use of a yoke)
1-1/4 oz. Silicon Lub.
1-Pressure Gauge
1-Large Tank






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